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Friends Only

Feb. 22nd, 2007 | 07:17 pm

I have decided to change my entries to only allow "friends" to view them. Melissa mentioned it earlier and I never really thought it was an issue until I got a strange comment from someone who I didn't know. Since I tend to post a lot of personal stuff I think it's a good idea. It really doesn't take much to create a livejournal account and once you have one you can view the page if I list you as a friend. It's super easy and if anyone has questions let me know.

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Run for your Life

Jan. 21st, 2007 | 08:59 am
mood: blahblah

The United States of America has made me fat.
Okay, not fat.
But 5 pounds heavier.
I just can't seem to bring myself to run that much here.
I went from having Edmonton's beautiful river valley at my door step to the biggest "driving city" in North America.
Running here sucks.
It's harder to breathe here. I know it's not in my head because another girl I talked to said she finds it harder to breath when running here compared to all the places she's lived (including New York city).
That smog has got to account for something.
Also...it's not a very pedestrian/runner friendly city. Some days I'm afraid for my life out there.
Not to mention the sidewalks are so damned uneven from tree roots, etc.
No more excuses.
I must start training for the San Diego Marathon.
I suppose all the junk I've been eating and beer I've been drinking doesn't really help either.
I'll stop my bitching.

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Jobs Suck

Jan. 19th, 2007 | 07:24 pm
mood: sadsad

I went for my pre-employment physical at Cedars-Sinai this morning, I also filled out all the employment paperwork, got my I.D. badge, and signed the relocation reimbursmant contract....I can't believe this is all happening. When I got to work at 11 I gave Mary my notice. She was definitely not happy. She quite literally had steam coming out of her ears; perhaps she was holding back. When I told her where I was going she made a sarcastic "good luck with that" comment, but other than that it went better than expected. Tomorrow I have to go to a lab to pee in a cup and Monday I have to go to the immigration department to get information about how to change over my visa, since TN's are employer specific.
I got off an hour early, we ordered pizza, and then I logged on (conveniently from the comfort of my couch now that we got a wireless router) only to find out about Bethany's poor Hunter. My heart really goes out to her, I look at Willis and Campbell and I can only imagine how awful it will feel when they pass away. Hope your feeling better soon Bethany, I'll try calling again in a few days.

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12 more days...

Jan. 17th, 2007 | 08:46 pm
mood: nervousnervous

I'm nervously awaiting Friday...the day I have to give my notice at work. I found out on Monday during my 90 day evaluation that my manager bent over backwards to get me a raise. I couldn't bring myself to tell her at that point. I've heard so many horror stories about how she behaves when people quit. I think it's definitely in my best interest to wait until Friday...exactly 2 weeks notice. I worked the 11-7 shift today and am working it again on Friday. It's really nice being able to sleep in, I'm going to enjoy working at 11 all the time at my new job. It's getting used to the 12 hour shifts that will be difficult, but I think worth it in the long run. Having more days off will give us more of a chance to check out California.
The weather has been at record lows, apparently over the weekend it hit 26 which in normal terms is -3. Everyone is walking around in those big poufy down-filled parkas, touques, mittens, scarves, boots...the whole nine yards, and this is when it's not even below zero during the day. I have yet to see it below zero, we missed it while we were in Nelson I guess.
It's been quiet here. After having Paul and Miranda for a week and then being in Nelson it's kind of nice that it's just the two of us. We're going to Vegas on the 26th for the weekend to meet up with Brandon and Natasha which I'm excited about. The first time we were in Vegas we fell in love with the Flamingo hotel because it was so old school and funky, so we're staying there this time. I can't wait.
I'll post some pics from our visit with Paul and Miranda, I especially love Jeremy and Paul's romantic walk on the beach!

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Hockey Day In Canada

Jan. 14th, 2007 | 10:01 pm
mood: gratefulgrateful

We made it back in one piece from Nelson. What a beautiful town it is. The first thing we did when we got off the plane in Calgary was grab a Tim Hortons coffee....ahhh, to be in Canada again. Apparently Castlegar is one of the most difficult airports to land in, they have to due a really tight bank in order to land and flights get cancelled quite a bit there because conditions have to be perfect. Luckily we were on the plane with Don Cherry and the Stanley Cup so we were safe! That had to be the highlight of our trip, riding on a plane with Don. I was very impressed at how patient he was. He didn't leave the airport until everybody got a picture with him. Jeremy recognized the dude that travels around with the cup but didn't realize who he actually was until they started rolling out this big blue crate and everyone started crowding around. It was really cool to hang on to it. We had loads of fun with Greg. Drank too much beer, watched a lot of hockey, and froze to death! It was only -12 but it felt like -30! I think we've climatized to the L.A. weather. Nelson is such a funky town, it was so quiet and picturesque, it almost made me miss the snow! We had an amazing time, it was so nice of Greg to fly us there, we owe him so much!

Jeremy was too scared to put up his thumb

Ta Da...the cup!

The bar on Friday night

Duelling Laptops

Nelson's Main Street on Saturday Afternoon

Hockey Day in Canada Sign with Greg

Greg and Deirdre

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Don Cherry and Lord Stanley

Jan. 12th, 2007 | 05:18 pm

Two really fantastic things happened to us today. 1) Don Cherry was on our plane from Calgary to Castlegar and we got a picture of Jeremy with him. 2) We unknowingly were riding on the same plane with the stanley cup, so we were able to see it as well. Unfortunately we didn't bring our camera cord so I'll post the pictures later. Very cool. A lot is happening here in Nelson tomorrow for Hockey Day in Canada. It should be really fun, if we don't freeze to death! We didn't bring any winter clothing to L.A. for obvious reasons. I had to buy a touque this afternoon to survive.

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I Got The Job

Jan. 11th, 2007 | 06:03 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

As of February 5th I will be an employee of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center! I found out today. I'm so excited. I would love to celebrate but Jeremy is at Disneyland with Paul and Miranda. They have been there since 8:30 this morning and they plan on staying until the fireworks at closing tonight. Then tomorrow we all have to get up bright and early to be at the airport by 5:15. Unfortunately for them they are going to have to wait for 5 hours until their flight leaves. Our friend Greg moved to Nelson, B.C around the same time we moved here. When he found out Hockey Day in Canada was being hosted in Nelson this year he decided it was an omen from God or something and that we HAD to come to Nelson for it. Needless to say it's this weekend, and we're going, because he insisted and who can pass up a free weekend trip to Nelson! It will be nice to get away from this crazy city, even if it's just for two days. Our flight leaves at 06:45 so poor Paul and Miranda have to hang out at LAX for 5 hours until their's leaves.
We have definitely had a blast with them here. They got here late Saturday night so we took them to Canter's Deli on Fairfax for a midnight pastrami sandwich and cherry coke. On Sunday we went to Hollywood, The Grove and the Farmers Market. Monday we went to Venice beach and that evening took in the Oilers/Kings game at Staples Centre. Oilers won in OT and we realized how much Kings fans hate their team. Tuesday when I was done work Miranda and I went to the LACMA for a Magritte exhibit. It was incredible. It's such a huge gallery and we just saw one small exhibit from it. I could spend a whole weekend there and plan on it soon. We took them to El Coyote that night for some incredibly tasty cheap mexican cuisine and the best marguarita's ever. Yesterday they went on a hike up in the Hollywood hills and we all watched the hockey game on TV. Jeremy has definitely enjoyed having a fellow hockey fan around to watch games with, those two have been doing a lot of hockey watching and beer drinking. We really wanted to go see John Lovitz do stand up and the Laugh Factory, I have free tickets and noticed a sign there that said he was going to be playing every Wednesday night. Turns out it starts next Wednesday.
I'm kind of looking forward to an evening alone since the past week has been pretty busy and the weekend will be as well.

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Jan. 6th, 2007 | 10:08 am
mood: excitedexcited

Paul and Miranda arrive today!! Horray Horray! It will be so nice to have friends around!

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Rebellious Kitty

Jan. 5th, 2007 | 09:35 am
mood: amusedamused

Willis has decided to rebel. He has been running out of the house every chance he gets, he runs up the steps of one of the nieghbours to explore, so we have to go up there to get him and it's been happening more and more lately. He watches for you out the window to get home so he's right there by the door ready to escape. We don't really want them to be outdoor cats. There are plenty of cats in the nieghbourhood that would definitely kick their asses, especially Uma the big orange cat, she's the toughest of them all. They've lived indoors thier whole lives and now we just happen to live in an apartment with a door that leads directly outdoors, so it's that much more tempting for them. Tempting for Willis mostly.
So this morning topped it off... Read MoreCollapse )

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Crazy Neighbours

Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 05:42 pm

Well the crazy neighbours are at it again. This time she decided to go to Japan for the holidays and bring her ex-husband along (I believe it's the one that kicked her dog's eye out) so when her boyfriend found out he decided it was best to move out. Unfortunately she doesn't get back until the 14th and the poor dog is all alone. Boyfriend has somewhat befriended Jeremy so he entrusted Jeremy with the house key, thinking that Jeremy could give it to Brian who would look after the dog. He didn't actually ask Brian this. So he was supposed to come by last night, to get the key to let the dog out but by 9pm he hadn't shown yet. We felt bad for the poor little puppy so we went up there to let it out. It is so incredibly sad looking, imagine a teeny tiny dog with curly brown hair in a red christmas sweater with only one eye! She's so cute, she just wanted to be held. So anyways, the girfriend found out he moved out and called the landlady to ask if she could go get the dog. The landlady called Jeremy, he explained that boyfriend gave him the key and we could take care of it. Turns out boyfriend did come by last night at like midnight and he's coming back again today to let the dog out. Now you have to realized that boyfriend isn't very smart. Actually he's really really dumb. Rather than him drive from Hermosa Beach (where he's living now) to here every day for the dog Jeremy did offer to take care of it, but no, he's going to come by anyways. What I don't understand is why he gave Jeremy the key in the first place if he's just going to take care of the dog himself. So now I just can't stop thinking about this poor little one-eyed dog who's mommy is off in Japan with the man who kicked her eye in and her live in daddy for the past year or so is less intelligent than she is.

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